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China is about to disappear in the 7 major scenic spots

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China is about to disappear in the 7 major scenic spots
Like people born and sick in general, natural beauty of those who will go with the passage of time, or be forgotten, or the number of life has been done. If after thousands of years of evolution of the stunning beauty disappeared, stay will be infinite regret! Quickly arrange these beautiful scenery on your itinerary, act, do not regret.
1, Mogao Crescent Moon Spring: the twilight of the peerless beauty
Dunhuang suicide note, it is all-encompassing, nothing better. After the discovery of the hole was discovered, Mogao Grottoes surprised the world. In the vast expanse of the desert, the Mogao Grottoes is the miracle of human beings in this oasis, is a veritable treasure of cultural relics.
In recent decades, Dunhuang ecological environment deteriorated, Crescent Moon Spring, according to historical records of thousands of years of history of human natural wonders, the water area from the 1960s 20 acres dropped to the present 8 acres a little more.
May disappear reasons: cave their own crisp alkali, from a mold, mildew and other diseases.
2, Hu Gu Lake: very beautiful and hurt
Was lonely way to love for many years Lulu Lake, still surviving a lake of water.
However, due to tourism to build the inn, restaurants, bars, a lot of domestic sewage is sometimes directly discharged into the lake. There are also barbecue boat on the water, in the lake processing a variety of food, pollution, a Lugu Lake to a wound!
May disappear reasons: water pollution, too many tourists, excessive business and so on.
3, Luo Quan: the forgotten millennium town
After the early years of the Republic, Luo Quan began to die, so far only carved beams, silently recorded the bustling year. This is the history and culture of Sichuan Province town of Luquan town, is also one of China's 100 Millennium town.
However, Luo Quan early in the overall style to maintain a fairly complete. But because of years of disrepair and other reasons, now time to go!
The reason for the disappearance may be disrepair.

4, Dongchuan red land: God left the earth's drawing board
Located in the southwest of Kunming, Yunnan, the remote areas of Dongchuan, a radius of hundreds of kilometers are red soil, iron in the soil slowly deposited down slowly, and gradually formed this dazzling color, looking ahead, mountains and wilderness showing a dark red , Purple, brick red and other different red.
Before you go to Dongchuan, you never thought there was such a strong color between heaven and earth. Looking around, mountains and wilderness presents a piece of dark red, purple, brick red and other different red, bright and strong color blocks have been paved to the horizon, seemingly casual, but formed as a fairyland-like colorful patterns.
May disappear reasons: to prevent soil erosion, returning farmland to forests, stop planting.
5, King Kong Village: people go empty, incomplete quaint
In Beibei District of Chongqing Jinyun Mountain, there is a dilapidated King Kong monument village. Authorized Huang Jue tree occupied every corner. At the end of King Kong Road, there is an ancient street, both sides of the road are abandoned civil construction.
Previously, this street close to the shops, full of popularity. Now people here to empty, but popular photography enthusiasts favor. Photo of the Diamond monument, there is a kind of incomplete beauty, so attracted a lot of wedding couples come here to view the scene.
May disappear reasons: the original planned development and construction for various reasons stranded, but the indigenous residents have been relocated. Ancient village presents a kind of incomplete beauty of the United States.
6, Yongtai ancient city: escape is going on
Yongtai ancient city is located in Gansu Jingtai County Temple Township, dating back more than 400 years of history, is the Ming government for the defense of the northern invasion of ethnic minorities and the construction. After the completion of a military fortress.
There are 12 fort on the wall, four buildings, the city has the urn and the moat, the north and south sides of the city built on both sides of the stretches of tens of miles of beacon towers, called the ancient Chinese military fortress textbook model for the castle like a tortoise, Named Yongtai turtle city.
In recent decades, the ancient city of Yongtai lack of water resources, land desertification and salinization, the sharp decline in forest cover, the deteriorating environment forcing the edge of the Tengger Desert in the famous Ming Dynasty ancient city gradually decline.
The possible causes of disappearance: ecological deterioration, transfer of residents.
7, the world million home: two hundred years around the castle to stay lonely
As one of the largest square Hakka enclosures in the country, Pingshan New World is a prestigious Hakka area. 220 years of years of change, although the whole world is intact, but some of the wall difficult to block the wind and rain erosion and collapse.
During the Shenzhen Fair in 2011, Dawan live as Pingshan New District Cultural Exhibition Park once again glow, but with the end of the Fair, the world return to deserted.
The reasons for the disappearance of the society: lack of attention and subsidies.































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