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China's top ten natural beauty

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1, Chinas highest salt water lake Chinas top ten natural beauty Lhasa northwest of Namco Lake at an altitude of more than 4700 meters, an area of 1940 square kilometers, is Chinas highest saltwater lake. Namco wrong in the hearts of Tibeta
1, China's highest salt water lake
China's top ten natural beauty
Lhasa northwest of Namco Lake at an altitude of more than 4700 meters, an area of 1940 square kilometers, is China's highest saltwater lake. "Namco wrong" in the hearts of Tibetans is the holy lake, every year there are many believers rushed from all directions to the holy lake, only for worship. Nam Co Lake like a huge treasure mirror, mosaic in the Tibetan grassland, inherited generation after generation of Tibetan beliefs and pursuit. Namco's natural landscape is beautiful, so many photography enthusiasts obsessed to.
Extreme play: walk to the lake.
Special tips: the best travel time from May to October. Tibetan Buddhist believers will travel to each year from May to June.
2, China's largest wild Siberian tiger gathering area: Jilin Changbai Mountain
Listen to the real tiger whistling sound, is a more and more luxury thing. In the nature of intimate contact with the tiger, and the ornamental zoo is absolutely two feelings. Only in the mountains in order to enjoy the northeast tiger feathers Changbai glory, the tiger figure to Changbai Mountain more vibrant.
Extreme play: find and shoot wild tigers.
Special tips: watch the wild tiger, safety first.
3, China thunderstorms most places: Hainan Wuzhishan Dan Dan County
Hainan Province, Dan County Chengguan Town, an average of 131 days of thunderstorms each year, it was called "Leibo". It is difficult to imagine the thunderstorm bombing scene, but the destructive power of lightning is obvious to all, thunderstorms often cause hail, tornado and so on. Dan County Leideng become a lot of thunder of the Holy Land, that scene really like the movie "tornado", suitable for explorers engaged in scientific research.
Extreme play: experience the natural phenomenon.
Special Tip: Dancing with the mine is absolutely dangerous
4, China's largest waterfall: Guizhou Huangguoshu Great Falls
The 74 meters high Huangguoshu Waterfall is China's largest waterfall. Waterfall water abundant throughout the year, white water, such as practicing flying beads splashing jade, a lot of water to make the waterfall is beautiful and beautiful. To the people of Huangguo waterfall, not by its momentum by the deterrent. The waterfall around the karst landscape to the area of volts, caves, stone, stone walls, canyons abound.
Extreme play: swim under the waterfall.
Special tips: the best travel time from May to October. Waterfall over the common rainbow, people have a fantastic feeling.
5, China's highest mountain: Mount Everest, Tibet Autonomous Region
Any attempt to approach Everest is the ultimate return to nature. The face of Mount Everest, do not have to climb, there will be tears of the impulse, because the mountain, just see the true capacity, is the ultimate experience of life and feelings. The ultimate play: conquering Everest is the ultimate dream of many professional explorers. For amateurs, looking at Everest in a daze or at the foot of the mountain runaway is a very good sport.
Extreme play: looking at Everest in a daze, at the foot of the mountain runaway, rock climbing
Special tips: the best travel time is April to June and September to October. Before the mountain to do physical fitness professional training.
6, China's largest desert: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Taklimakan
A hundred years ago by Western explorers as the "sea of death" Taklimakan Desert, an area of 330,000 square kilometers, is China's largest desert. Boundless vast and shocking desert scenery has always been irresistible charm, attracted the world to take pride. As long as the embankment dunes, will be able to experience the roughness of the desert and barren, for water and green desire to see a tragic heroic full of poplar, perhaps from a stream of sand into the meaning of life and death.
Extreme play: driving through.
Special Note: no matter what way close to the desert, professional preparation are essential.
7, China's largest loess distribution area: Shaanxi Loess Plateau
The Loess Plateau covers an area of 540,000 square kilometers, west of the Qilian Mountains east, east of the Taihang Mountains, south of Qinling Mountains, north to the Great Wall of the Loess Plateau, is the world's largest loess distribution area. It is still scattered in one place, the sand can not annihilate the cultural relics, people will be tiptoe, for fear of accidentally hurt the history of pain.
Extreme play: the Yellow River rafting.
Special tips: the best tourist season from March to October. Part of the area is very water, pay attention to saving water.
8, China's largest wetlands: Lhasa Lula
Lhasa Lalu wetland with a total area of 6.2 square kilometers, an average elevation of 3645 meters, is a typical Qinghai-Tibet Plateau wetlands, belonging to the reed peat swamp. Here the humid climate and the rich aquatic plants in the plateau is very rare, each year attracted a large number of red duck, yellow duck, Tibetan swash chicken, spotted goose, brown tigers, Dai Sheng, Braun and lark and other wild birds, Sometimes can see the country a class of protected animals black-necked crane in this play. This is the world's highest elevation, the largest urban natural wetlands, but also the only city inland natural wetlands, in May 1999, was approved as a regional nature reserve; 2000 Lalu wetland management station was established. Lhasa calls it "big oxygen".
9, China's largest island group: Zhoushan Islands
Zhoushan Islands is located in the Yangtze River estuary southeast of the sea, many reefs, dotted, a total of 1339 large islands, about 20% of the total number of Chinese islands; distribution area of 22,000 square kilometers, land area of 1371 square kilometers. Of which more than 1 square kilometers of 58 islands, accounting for 96.9% of the total area of the archipelago. The whole island group was arranged in the north east. The main islands are Zhoushan Island, Daishan Island, Zhujiajian Island, Liu Heng Island, Jintang Island, and so on, the main island of Zhoushan Island, Which Zhoushan Island, the largest area of 502 square kilometers, the fourth largest island in China.
10, China's largest subtropical forest: Karst Forest Nature Reserve
Maolan National Karst Forest Nature Reserve, located in the southern suburb of Libo County, is a piece of treasure in the subtropical karst landscape of China. The total area is over 130 square kilometers and the forest coverage area is 91.59%. Here the growth of more than 500 kinds of tree species, there are known as the living fossil ginkgo, Liriodendron and other rare species, and preserved forest musk deer, monkeys, fragrant deer, South China tiger, bison, bears, leopard, white monkey and many other Ancient wildlife. Protected areas are rural waterfalls, small seven holes, cave group, mandarin duck lake, big seven holes, Yao style and other landscape.

1、 中国海拔最高的咸水湖





2、 中国最大的野生东北虎聚集区:吉林长白山




3、 中国雷暴雨最多的地方:海南五指山下的儋县




4、 中国最大的瀑布:贵州黄果树大瀑布




5、 中国最高的山峰:西藏自治区珠穆朗玛峰




6、 中国最大的沙漠:新疆维吾尔族自治区塔克拉玛干




7、 中国最大的黄土分布区:陕西黄土高原




8、 中国最大的湿地:拉萨拉鲁


9、 中国最大的岛群:舟山群岛


10、 中国最大的亚热带原始森林:喀斯特森林自然保护区


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